A very BIG Thank you to...

Russell Standring

Many of the pictures used are thanks to his brilliant photography. Many of the cycling pages information on our website stems from his work. He is an inspiration with regards to his dedication to the cycling world. Please visit his page for more detail

Kathel Adventures

Kath and her husband have helped tremendously with allowing us to use some of their holiday photos. This spreads across mountain biking and cycling and really shows our customers an insight into the Oisans area and what it offers. Please visit their blog for a great read!

Lateral Studios

This website is the creation of two very talented guys from our local area. They have worked very hard on it and are very adaptable to changes. If you are in need of a new website then please look no further.


Cycle Tour UK

Our most recent partner.  Cycle Tours UK is a growing company who  produce cycling sportives in England and are now expanding into European Tours.  They have chosen Chalet Saskia as their European base and we are very much looking forward to it.  They will be offering package cycling holidays with guide and back up vehicle.  Prepare for a full itinerary with all of our favorite climbs in plus much much more. Cost is around £749 per person for the week. 

More details to follow soon

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Cycle tours UK

Peak Velo

Operate in Vaujany and La Villette using our chalets. They provide package deals with training programmes for cycling and triathlons. They are extremely good at what they do and have in-depth knowledge of what our area offers.

Peak Velo

peak velo

Yacht Amanzi

This superb 56ft yacht travels the world in style. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and more they provide a perfect service and know the best places to moor up.

Yacht Amanzi

Amanzi logo1

'Lilas' apartment in Casis

On the Cote d’Azur in the heart of Provence “Lilas” overlooks this historic fishing town. Beaches, restaurants and the delights of the market square are easy to discover from this central location. Enjoy romantic dinners on the southern balcony-terrace whilst looking out to sea.

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