Cars & Motorcycling

The Oisans area and beyond

Being on the road in the French Alps and Oisans, be it in an automobile or riding a motorcycle, is a truly wonderful experience... possibly the best rides in the world? It offers good roads and incredible scenery. Mountains don't recognize political boundaries so why not pop over to Italy which is only 2 hours away. There really is so much on offer; just the sheer splendour and magnitude of the mountains is enough to make a trip!

Belting up and weaving along narrow mountain roads, through wooded hillsides, soaring mountain passes, racing down steep hillsides and reaching cool valley floors. The scenery that surrounds the rider/driver is awe-inspiring, the challenges and completion giving pure satisfaction. If you can spare some time, then pause to take it all in!


Hire / Rent

We have researched the Lyon area for Motorcycle and Sports Car rental.

To make your journey and holiday as simple and carefree as possible, most offer 'pick ups' from Lyon Airport (Saint Exupery). Some of the operators also allow you to 'drop off' the bike at other airports and train stations further afield if you are after and international cruise across borders and beyond.

We are not in a position to book these on your behalf unfortunately but we will most certainly help you where we can!

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Having a nice car or a motorcycle in the Alps gives you the ability to enjoy travelling any distance. The roads, the scenery, the exhilaration are unparalleled. You can happily travel for 200km a day and still have more than enough time for some sight seeing and relaxing breaks in the quaint little villages scattered throughout.

There are some favoured routes in our area which we shall mention below, but having an engine (not man power) allows you so many possibilities... sometimes we prefer to just explore and take turns which call out to us! Luckily, with satellite navigation these days, it's easy to correct mistakes. Although we don't refer to them as mistakes any more, they are adventure turns!

route map for motors. 3