Having a nice car or a motorcycle in the Alps gives you the ability to enjoy travelling any distance.  The roads, the scenery, the exhilaration are unparalleled.  You can happily travel for 200km a day and still have more than enough time for some sight seeing and relaxing breaks in the quaint little villages scattered throughout.   

There are some favoured routes in our area which we shall mention below, but having an engine (not man power) allows you so many possibilities... sometimes we prefer to just explore and take turns which call out to us!  Luckily, with satellite navigation these days, it's easy to correct mistakes.  Although we don't refer to them as mistakes any more, they are adventure turns!

route map for motors. 3

Map taken from Best Biking Roads where they have a full step by step break down of what to expect on these routes, plus knowledge of where the best action is... a brilliant 'bible' for any road enthusiast wanting to tackle the best roads in the Alps.  

Our relatively local routes on this website can be found here... but remember (don't forget), the best thing about the Oisans area are the small, secret roads leading to tiny secluded villages like Oulles!

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