The Oisans

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Mountain bike playground – Yeah!

The Oisans has something for everyone, perfect trails if you are just starting out, weaving along ravines and through wooded hillsides as well as faster, steeper, adrenaline pumping, demanding tracks for enthusiasts which wind their way through dense forests and French pastures. If you can spare some time other than riding the lifts back to the top, then pause to take in the outstanding mountain scenery!

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MTB Guides / Leaders


  • Half day @ €140 (3 hours normally, 09:00 - 12:00 or 14:00 - 17:00
  • Full day @ €220 (6 - 7 hours)

Take the lifts up and ride down

Lifts re-open in Vaujany on 3 July until 29 August giving access to an incredible 250kms of MTB / VTT tracks on 36 circuits. This includes the unbelievable, death defying 32kms of non-stop downhill tracks on the Megavalanche circuit, the longest in the world.

Vaujany’s fantastic lift system, which now runs all summer long three times per hour, links in perfectly to the Alpe d’Huez MTB circuit. You can jump on the big, fast queue-less cable car every morning and in no time find yourself faced with a mind boggling selection of downhill thrills to choose from.

Cable car

Championship routes

The slopes opposite Vaujany have now become the firm venue for the French Four Cross and Trial Championships aka the Mondial du VTT testament to just how good these tracks have become. The three days of death-defying riding make great viewing and when the champs clear out; why not test yourself on the top tracks in France for mountain biking? …– click to view more.



Vaujany is establishing itself on the free ride map. The highly rated German mountain bike manufacturer ROSE has selected Vaujany as the ideal base for its Alpine test centre and opened a shop and rental post by the lift station which is set to return in 2014.

The terrain has enough to put any rider through their paces; with over 2500m of height loss.From technically demanding and steep downhill sections crossing meadows, glaciers and undergrowth to more gentle trails on the Bourg d’Oisans plain for family rides.

Mountain bike in downhill race

Vaujany mountain bike trails - Downhill playground