Getting There

Peak Adventures is based in the resort of Vaujany which is found in the heart of the French Alps, Rhone-Isere region, located only one hour from Grenoble by car.

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The Resort

In the summer Vaujany transforms back to its centuries old farming roots with locals going about their business, smell the beautiful meadow flowers and fresh mountain air and listen to the gentle, almost meditational clang of cow bells on the pastures above, whilst the La Fare waterfall, now set free of its frozen state, tumbles down the rock face opposite. All warmed by more than 300 days of sunshine a year; perfect for a French Alps holiday.

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The resort of Vaujany resides on the mountain side. It has built up over the years to accommodate the eager tourist wanting to have everything at their fingertips – spa, bowling alley, swimming pool, gym, ice skating rink etc. In doing so it has created 3 parts to the resort all connected by a sophisticated lift sytem comprising of escalators and a small funicular.



There are a couple of great little bars for a traditional pastis, kir aperitif or just a demi. They offer a chance to mingle with some of the village characters and to test you very best French out that has been locked up for so long.


Leisure Centres

Take advantage of the view and activities at L'Espace Loisirs (Sports and Leisure Complex's.

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Fancy Gratin Dauphinois? Traditional Fondue? Tartiflette? Raclette? Pizza or spaghetti for the children? Or try some of the wonderful truly local Vaujany dishes you can seek out with a little effort.

La Remise pizza


  • Ice Skating

  • Ice Hockey

  • Village Fête

  • Triathlon

  • Cycle Events

  • Mountain Bike Events

Kids Clubs

The childrens clubs in Vaujany are very active with professionally accompanied activities for youngsters. The clubs are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

Climbing Wall


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Press Releases

Over recent years Vaujany has put a lot of effort into making partners and marketing itself as a cycling and mountain bike heaven... and it is so TRUE. 


Discovery Pass

We are pleased to inform you that, once again, Vaujany will be offering an activity card for the summer... The "discovery" card 2017 offering the various activities...

Kids Archery