Escalators and lifts

The resort of Vaujany resides on the mountain side. It has built up over the years to accommodate the eager tourist wanting to have everything at their fingertips – spa, bowling alley, swimming pool, gym, ice skating rink etc. In doing so it has created three parts to the resort, all connected by a sophisticated lift system, comprising of escalators and a modern funicular.

There are shops and restaurants at the top, connected to the middle via a series of escalators where the lift station and tourist office are located. The bottom of the resort encompass the leisure centres, connected via a special funicular.


Petit Train

Hours of fun for the young ones, the small ‘train’ that rides round Vaujany in a loop, is a great way to get around the village and access all the facilities on the most scenic and relaxed of rides

Petit Train

The Cable Car

This brilliant lift will have you accessing Alpette (2100m) within 10 minutes where beautiful walks, lakes, climbs and Mountain bike trails are located. You can walk up to the La Fare hut, Ride down to Oz en Oisans or walk over to the chalet de Lac, past alpine lakes and near to the climbing face.

Higher still at 2800m you can access the Grand Domaine of Alpe d'Huez and link in to further walks, mountain bike trails and much more!

Cable car