Relax, unwind and take in the fresh mountain air

Wanting to relax, well that's easy! How about whilst doing it all in the quaint and quiet village of Vaujany, one of the Alps best kept secrets. It has more to offer than just sports and outdoor activites. There are two leisure complexes designed to keep you occupied but also to pamper yourself until you feel young again.

Saskia Hot Tub

Saskia Outside

Saskia Hot Tub

Our flagship property will have you laying back and soaking up the rays on our sun beds with the Hot Tub just metres away to get refreshed. Positioned on a window ledge like patio where the views of the Romanche valley will swallow you up in utmost pleasure.

Take in the fresh mountain air and stunning rugged peaked scenery whilst getting the overwhelming feeling that you are untouchable on top of the world!

Vaujany Sauna

Vaujany Sauna and Steam Room

Great for those aches and pains - sweat it all out, tighten your skin and feel rejuvenated. Located in the Espace Loisres centre underneath the lift station this is the perfect place to forget about any worries.

Vaujany Spa

Vaujany Spa

Let the water bubbles over and take you on a thoughtless journey of freedom where all you can think about is staying in. These are all located in the same area of the Espace Loisires complex and are part of a package which you can buy into each time you go, just ask at the reception desk for the details.

Vaujany swimming pool

This is truly a top-notch, under-used facility and pride of the village. The pool is large, clean and sports a great water slide that will have the kids and even the adults occupuied for a considerable time - fun for everyone! There are two specific swimming lanes, great for length swimming for the adults. In addition you might also want to take advantage of the sports hall, sun terrace or the aquagym classes laid on.

*Please note by French law, speedos are now obligatory. This is not a joke
Vaujany Pool

Vaujany Gym


You have time off work and feel slightly guilty that you are enjoying your relaxing holiday a bit too much. There is a gym in the Espace Loisres Centre that has everything you could want from weights, rowing machines, benches and more. This is the time wheryou can workout without having to think of other jobs that need doing!



Please contact Pascale Villaret if you want to indulge in a massage. The traditional reflexology welfare provides lasting benefits on the physical and emotional state. It is great for recovery after physical and sporting events.


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