6 Outdoor Activities To Try This January

6 Outdoor Activities To Try This January

Even though the colder months of the year are here in the northern hemisphere, there are still many ways to keep yourself active, whether you want to challenge your fitness or need a new way to have fun. You can pick up a new hobby, or do something useful - the choice is yours. Here are our six suggestions:

1. Nature Photography

Sometimes we can forget just how beautiful the world around us is which is why we choose to take pictures. As the seasons change, it can be therapeutic to capture the world around you. Taking pictures of plants whilst out on a walk or even the scenery surrounding your home can have a lasting positive effect, and as a result, you may end up appreciating the area that you live in much more than you already do. Not only this, but you may even end up finding that nature photography becomes a more regular hobby that you choose to practise all year round.

2. Take On A New Outdoor Sport

Whether you’ve done outdoor sports before or it is, in fact, your first time, there is a sport for everyone. The outdoor savvy team at Thrill Appeal has given us a list of the Top 19 Adult Scooters of 2020. As the popularity of this outdoor equipment grows, it can be good to know where you can snag one should the opportunity arise.

This is just one of the many helpful articles that they have to ensure you feel safe and knowledgeable before you take on the world of outdoor sports. If you find that you’re just not ready to take on something new, why not encourage the kids to try out a new hobby?

3. Get The Garden Ready For Spring

Have you been ignoring the jungle of weeds that have slowly been taking over your back garden? Perhaps now is the time to take the plunge and face them with the shears head-on. It never hurts to be prepared! Being a season early allows you to take your time over a task that usually may be rushed.

Try making a list of all of the things you would like to get done, whether making space for a new furniture set or clearing out the shed. Slowly but surely, you can make it happen. If you’ve never actually tried any sort of gardening, now could be the perfect opportunity. Once spring comes around, there is no doubt you’ll be filled with pride. Even if you only managed to clear a few twigs before caving and calling the gardener.

4. Have A Winter Olympics In The Garden Or Nearby Park

Being active can sometimes feel more like a chore than an enjoyable activity. Why not consider taking the kids into the garden or a nearby park for some winter Olympic action? From hula hooping and jumping jacks to relay races and obstacle courses, you’re bound to find something that all of you enjoy. Remember, it’s not all about winning; it’s about taking part!

5. Take A Long Walk (With A Hot Choccy)

This activity, in particular, is fantastic when you’ve been meaning to catch up with a friend but just haven’t had the chance. How about taking a route that you used to trek when you were younger? Or bring out your inner adventurer and wander off somewhere new. With the comfort and deliciousness of a hot chocolate clutched in your hands, the time will fly past.

A hot chocolate walk is also perfect as a way to bond with your family. You’ll be getting your daily steps in whilst perhaps releasing any tension that may have built up from being huddled indoors for too long.

6. Host A Bonfire

If you just aren’t feeling very active this winter, then a bonfire could be just the thing for you. Call up some friends and family so that you can all gather around the fire. Take the time to reflect on the year that you’ve had, as well as build hope for the year to come. Roast marshmallows, order a takeaway, and get lost in the good atmosphere for as long as you can handle the cold! It could also be a fantastic opportunity to burn some bad memories. Just don’t get too carried away and remember safety first.

Winter can cause many noses to turn up when the suggestion of going out is put on the table. But perhaps with one of the activities mentioned above, you’ll be able to make some incredible memories and even reach a small goal that you were trying to put off until Spring.

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