A Tout A l'Heure

A Tout A l'Heure

It's that time again...

Another season completed and another team we are sad to see leaving.  The Ski Peak staff are always regarded in high esteem and this year was no exception. They went above and beyond every week and have received some lovely feedback from guests (as well as tips I hear!)... all well earned of course.  A huge THANK YOU to all.

Team Saskia

  • Marcus (chef)
  • Rosa (resort manager)
  • Jake (rep)
  • Alex (waitress)
  • Laura (waitress)
  • Matej (Handy Man, KP, Photographer)

Team La Villette

  • Nathan (chef)
  • Luke (chef)
  • Michelle (rep)
  • Tash (waitress)
  • Mel (waitress)
  • Kiva (waitress)

They have finished closing down the chalets; hung up their pinny's, drank the bars dry and said their farewell to glorious Vaujany and humble Ski Peak. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN!  

We also would like to say a massive thank you to all of guests this year.  Our season wouldn't have been anywhere near as good without you.  You were all lovely and a pleasure to host.  You really do make a huge difference; wanting to get up in the morning to see your smiley faces at breakfast and running you down to the lift station, prepared for the days fun on the mountain!  

We raise our glasses and toast every single one of you!

We hope to see you all again in the near future... get your early bird offers now!

Believe it or not, as our locals predicted It is due to snow again this week...   YIKES  :-)

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