The Oisans area is spoilt for choice when it comes to mountaineering with strategically placed huts on mountain sides for your pleasure and ease of ascending peaks. France operates an outstanding system of mountain refuges, websites of which can be accessed via the green buttons at the bottom of the page.

Hikes from Vaujany alpine mountain resort or the surrounding mountains that are challenging and can be tackled in one day or with a stay in a mountain refuge is virtually endless. With a spectrum that stretches from the valley floor below at 1000m to Pic Blanc above at 3300m – there are many challenges. Guide books are available and the village Tourist Information supplies maps of routes and the locations of the mountain refuges.

Pilatte and Pic Coolidge 3

Local Refuges

We recommend both the below huts as worthy objectives in themselves with awesome scenery along the way. The approach to both these huts is from La Berarde, itself a rather special village completely cut off during the winter:

  1. The Chatelleret Hut situated beneath the impressive south wall of La Meije 
  2. The Pilatte Refuge beneath Les Bans 

There is a cosy local mountain hut 'La Fare' at 2,300m, frequently used to climb the peak l’Etendard from the Vaujany side. You are advised to take a mountain guide with you for your own safety.

Auberge le Chadonnet

Local Peaks

Excellent local peaks include:
  1. The Rissiou (2,622m)
  2. The Etendard (3,464m) 
  3. Belledonne (2,926m)
Slightly further afield (1 hour), the Parc des Ecrins offers some famous mountains such as:
  1. The Meije (3,982m)
  2. The Ecrins (4,102m) 
  3. The climbing centres of La Grave and La Berarde are well worth a visit.

Ecrins Parc National

Montagne Virtuel

Refuge options

Pilatte and Pic Coolidge