What is it?

Yoga is an old discipline from India. It uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation to improve health and happiness.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere and anyone can do it, which is why it has picked up a great following in recent years.

For something that is part meditation it is important and beneficial to conduct it in a peaceful place with no distractions.  The open spaces and glorious views in Vaujany will have you thinking of nothing except blissfullness.  

Kailash Integral Yoga

Come and join us

We have taken the liberty of purchasing some yoga mats for our Saskia customers.

Imagine having a yoga session on the Saskia patio, looking down the Romanche Valley and beyond... GLORIOUS!


Important yoga words (Eight Organs of Yoga)

  1. Yama: Positive Rules of meditations
  2. Niyama: Prohibitory Rules of meditations
  3. Asanas: physical postures and movements
  4. Pranayama: breathing techniques
  5. Prtyahar: controlling the mind
  6. Dharana: gazing inward
  7. Dhyan: meditation with object
  8. Samadhi: meditation without object
  9. Dhyana: meditations


Yoga moves for beginners.Photo courtesy of Yoga Body Flow Series