Kids' Clubs

"I couldn't believe how well priced the clubs were. Our children absolutely LOVED them and it meant we had a bit of time to ourselves."
Christine Ashthorpe, Chalet Dibona, 2023

Get them involved

The children's clubs in Vaujany are very active with professionally accompanied activities for youngsters. The clubs are open:

  • Monday to Friday 
  • 08:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00
For a quite incredible 45 euro for a whole week you can enroll your child in one of the two kids clubs all Summer. Single days are also possible in case particular activities are of greater appeal:
  • “Les Randonneurs” (6-11 year olds)
  • “Les Alpinistes” (12-16 year olds)
During the week, the kids will experience a whole host of professionally accompanied activities ranging from:
  1. Tennis
  2. Archery
  3. Climbing 
  4. Visiting cattle herds and sheep flocks with the local shepherds
  5. Kayaking
  6. Alpine excursions
  7. Swimming
  8. Boulles
  9. Mountain Biking
  10. Horse riding
  11. Cycling
  12. Via Ferrata
  13. Adventure Park
 The list of things to do in summer is quite remarkable! The clubs aim to take full advantage of the range of facilities Vaujany has to offer; nature, the modern swimming and leisure centre, fantastic picnic spots and often include a chance for older kids to experience a night out under the stars. You’ll not regret choosing Vaujany and Peak Adventures  for your next family holiday in France.
Via Ferrata group


Don't forget...

If you would like you child to attend the Kids' Clubs (or the créche) then you must bring their health records with details of immunisation dates. All the clubs are now based in the 'Garderie' buildings down at the bottom of the village. You do not have to book in advance but you must present the health records and and their passports'.


Vaujany's nursery has established an excellent reputation and is exceptionally good value. Its well-equipped playrooms are full of toys and games to keep even the busiest of little ones entertained. There’s also a ball-park, TV room and a dormitory for taking a nap when required. The highly trained staff speak a reasonable amount of English.


  • Monday through Saturday 
  • Children from 6 months to 5 years 
  • Options for half day or full day participation (9 a.m to 5 p.m)
Take advantage of this great facility to leave the kids in safe hands secure in the knowledge they will be well looked after, entertained with numerous indoor and outdoor activities and extremely well fed. 
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Tariffs vary according to the days and hours you wish to enrol your child, but for the max of 6 days (9 a.m until 5 p.m) including activities and a hearty lunch, we think the total cost of only €140 is quite phenomenal.

CrècheTimeOne DaySix Days
Morning09:00 - 11:30€13

Morning + Lunch09:00 - 12:20€18


Morning + Lunches + Naps 09:00 - 14:00€21


Afternoon13:30 - 17:00€18


Full Day09:00 - 17:00€28



  • 38 114 VAUJANY
  • Téléphone: 04 76 11 11 94
  • Portable : 06 32 20 70 98
  • mail :

*Note: Please be aware French health and safety regulations stipulate certain vaccination requirements. You must have the child’s vaccination record book with you. To ease inscription once in Vaujany please contact us for full details if you plan to use the crèche.

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