Biking is a hobby, a form of exercise, and a fun mode of transportation - you name it! Regardless of how you perceive mountain biking, you will agree that it boosts a hell of a lot, including your physical and mental health which is so important. We've mentioned this in previous blogs but, research shows that working citizens who engage in mountain biking have lower rates of depression and tend to be more productive than their colleagues who don’t cycle at all. Of late, we've been cycling a fair bit around our home town in Hampshire, it helps us focus when back in the office and put things into perspective... incredibly helpful in this current climate. It has also been proven that biking precipitates higher life and career satisfaction in employees and reduces the number of sick days an individual employee takes in a year. Without a doubt, mountain biking has the potential to improve the productivity of a business's workforce. But how exactly?

The act of cycling works out the muscles while the acts of making split-second decisions stimulate brain activity and increase your attentiveness. You are always thinking ahead when biking- constantly making conscious and subconscious decisions. That increases your spatial memory and boosts your thinking as well as decision-making abilities. Such abilities come in handy in both your personal and professional life. Adding that to the mental health that you gain by interacting with nature as you cycle through the woods and up the mountains of Vaujany in the Oisans, you are able to lead an all-around healthier and more fulfilling life.  If you are visualising yourself tearing down the Alps on your two wheeled best friend, then how about planning a holiday to Vaujany with Peak Adventures!  Just fill in a few details here and we'll come back to you with some accommodation options and useful information.

Here are 5 other ways through which mountain biking increases your productivity:

1. Increased muscular strength and endurance

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Biking through rough, off-road terrains is more than lower-body exercising. It activates muscles across your body and tests your endurance to unimaginable limits. Your hamstring and calf muscles are strengthened, so you are able to stand for long hours at work without tiring, especially if you are in the packaging, loading, or marketing departments. Your shoulder and arm muscles strengthen when you twist the handlebars constantly through stone-ridden paths and climb hills. That increases your endurance so that you can type all day without complaining of shoulder pains or arm cramps.

2. Improved sleep

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Mountain biking for 30 minutes every day can help you sleep faster, deeper, and longer. When your quality of sleep improves, you become more attentive at work during the day and your productivity levels automatically escalate. Note that doctors recommend that you sleep for at least 7 hours for a healthy and productive life.

3. Helps you lose weight

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Being overweight is a recipe for most chronic ailments. When you lose weight, you keep diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases at bay, which translates to fewer sick leaves and more deadlines met. A study by Harvard Medical School showed that biking at 19 miles per hour can help you to burn almost 1000 calories if you are 150 pounds. You will burn more calories if you have over 150 pounds and if you bike at a faster rate. Biking uphill burns even more calories! You can also improve your mountain biking intensity and duration by riding motorised bicycles, particularly if uphill biking hurts your joints. These bikes are designed to improve your fitness level without putting too much stress on your joints.

4. A healthier brain

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Exercising, in general, is known to facilitate faster growth of cells. More cells make you brainier. Mountain biking specially expedites the process of cell generation in the part of the brain that is responsible for thinking, learning, and memory. You will be able to make better decisions at work and learn new skills faster when you bike regularly. Your attention span also improves, so you are less prone to making costly errors at work.

5. Decreased stress

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It is extremely difficult to work optimally when your mind is clouded by stress and anxiety. One way of managing stress in life is by biking through nature as regularly as you can. Note that when your mind is troubled, even your other body parts are impacted negatively. When you bike, your body releases more happy hormones, which in turn improves your social relationships. Better, happier social life means better work-life balance and better relationships at the workplace, which in turn gives you the needed optimism to work more and achieve more.


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Studies show that workers who take part in mountain biking take two fewer sick days in a year and are easily motivated to go the extra mile in helping their employers achieve their vision. They are also less likely to make task errors. As an employer, you need to encourage your employees to cycle more. Travel and new encounters are also important for wellness. Why not get out to the Alps next summer and ride down the creative mountain trails.  Get in touch with us and allow us to help plan your perfect getaway, including so many other activities. The Alps is a Mecca for any outdoor enthusiast.

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