Evan if you love your job, there are always times when it get’s too much. Between traffic-filled commutes, work and the usual family pressures… you may have been feeling a bit blue lately. Perhaps your temper is shorter than normal, you’re finding it hard to focus, shying away from socializing and you’re having trouble figuring out how to climb out of that hole.

What you need is a vacation. Taking even just a few days away from your normal life can help boost your mental health and recharge your batteries. To make more time you might be worried about your day-to-day chores and jobs. “Is there someone to do my research paper?” for example. But you should put these worries aside. Here’s why travel improves your mood — and how to keep your vacation stress-free.

Shake Up Your Old Routine

Doing the same things over and over again can drag you down. You wake up, go to work, come home, and repeat. Breaking up that routine can give you a fresh perspective on your life. You can be more creative to solve problems, you also remember to appreciate the little things and the good things in your life. Nothing helps you recognize benefits like not having them temporarily.

Beyond just getting a new perspective on things, traveling can reduce your stress. People who take vacations can have less anxiety, improved moods, and feel more rested. That’s because traveling gives you the time to explore some hobbies and get back in touch with what you love. For example, people who love sports enjoy playing, watching, shopping for equipment, visiting a sports museums or stadium, or just enjoying a new sports bar.

Get The Most From Time Off

First, don’t overschedule. Instead of rushing from activity to activity, build in time to just wander around, sip a drink, and let your mind wander. However, you do want to prepare a list of things to do. In fact, researching your vacation ahead of time can start to improve your mental health. Psychology Today has a list of tips for a stress-free trip.

Not all holidays are the same. If you miss your flights, lose a hotel reservation, or can’t find your wallet, that trip can turn out to be stressful instead of relaxing. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of your holiday

How you split up those precious vacation days can matter as well. You should aim to take one per season, spring, summer, autumn, winter. Don’t take them all in a row, Instead; break your time up so you can enjoy more vacations

Why Fresh Air Helps

As you create a plan for your trip, you’ll probably have to decide between several destinations. Of course, you should go where you want, but you should consider going to the mountains… winter or summer! There’s something about the picturesque views, lush greenery/snowcapped mountains, and fresh air that rejuvenates the stressful mind. While there are plenty of mountain adventures waiting to be had, the French Alps should definitely be added to your list of must-see places. Most commonly known for skiing, the Alps offer all sorts of summertime fun such as climbing, cycling, rafting, swimming, paragliding, all with the promise of picture perfect views.

Of course, some of us are beach people. You may want to visit a “hotspot” like the costa del sol but crowds there can vast and loud. Look to lesser-known destinations like Biscarrosse, where you can enjoy the beaches and nearby attractions without so many people in the way and can often find more affordable holiday rentals.

Even Small Trips Are A Benefit

If modern life is starting to get to you, you need a vacation to shake up your current routine. Plan out your trip — including some down time — and look to a nice mountain or beach getaway. By taking even just a few days away, you can come back home feeling much better. 

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