If you think that exploring the Alps is just limited to the winter months, then think again. A large mountain range spanning over eight European countries, the world-famous and charming Alps are perhaps one of the most popular tourist attractions with over 120 million visitors a year.

While it may never have occurred to you to visit these natural wonders in the summer, the combination of breathtaking scenery and a surprisingly temperate climate makes the Alps a perfect year-round tourist destination. Whether your ideal adventure holiday is characterized by watersports, rock climbing, gentle walking, or just enjoying the scenic views, spending a summer in the Alps makes for an extraordinary and memorable holiday experience.

With that said, you want to make sure that you have the proper clothing and other essential items that will keep you safe and comfortable in all your adventures in the Alps. Do not worry, you do not need to bring your whole wardrobe with you, but pack smart. Without further ado, let’s explore the ultimate packing guide for your summer vacation in Europe’s highest mountain ranges.

Good Walking Boots

Your shoes are your best friend or worst foe when walking long distances. As you will be hiking, biking, trail running, and indulging in a host of other activities, a pair of good walking boots with ankle support and good deep tread are an absolute must when packing for your vacation in the Alps. Low ankled or running shoes are not advisable, as you will be navigating rough terrain and risk turning an ankle in boulders. Not choosing the right shoes will lead to unnecessary pain and discomfort and may as well turn your vacation into a forgettable one.

For the Alps, we recommend you get good hiking boots that will offer protection from ankle sprains and other injuries while keeping you safe, dry, and warm throughout. Whatever you choose, make sure to thoroughly test them by walking with them for a while to ascertain they provide you utmost comfort.

Few Pairs of Comfortable Socks

Your socks are an essential way of improving the fit and comfort of boots. A great pair of shoes can easily get ruined by a not so great of socks. As you walk non-stop in the Alps, it is only natural for your feet to start sweating. Socks will help keep your feet dry and get the moisture out of your shoe, or else you may develop blisters.

Besides, a good quality pair of thick wool or polyester socks will ensure that your feet remain protected from the cold.

Multifunctional Backpack

After shoes, choosing a backpack is probably the second major determinant of your comfort and, of course, what you can carry along. It will enable you to carry your valuable items like food and electronic gadgets with utmost ease and ensure that they do not get spoiled if you end up stranded in a downpour.

The right backpack will have multiple storage compartments, which will allow you to pack and get easy access to essential items like a water bottle, snacks, a camera, a flashlight, or even a jacket which you may put on if there is a change in the weather. Surely, a multifunctional backpack will allow you to remain at ease throughout your outdoor escapade in the Alps.

Durable Trousers

You should have the right bottoms before heading up the mountains. Merino wool and polyester trousers are best for the purpose, as they are designed to provide the stretch and comfort needed for such an active activity. You may even wear shorts if the weather permits it, however if the weather is going to be little hit or miss, trousers will offer better protection to your legs from abrasive elements.

Water Resistant Gear

Nowhere is the climate more unpredictable than in the mountains. Whether you plan on visiting the Swiss Alps or the French Alps, there is always the probability of being caught in heavy rainstorms. Getting rained on can turn a nice day in the outdoors into a nightmare.

However, it does not have to be that way. A durable, lightweight, and waterproof rain jacket with a hood will ensure you do end up entirely soaked during your visit and can well be the difference between a miserable day and one to cherish for long.


Binoculars are the perfect item to have in your backpack when out on the trail in the Alps. The Alps are home to a wide range of wildlife that may be easily spotted on mountain hikes. Getting hold of a good set of binoculars, like those at Target Tamers, will allow you to get up close to nature while still keeping a safe distance. Whether it is chamois, mouflon, ibex, and marmots, the mountains are teeming with charismatic wildlife species at this time of year.

Warm Outfits

It will be a good idea to pack some warmer layers for cooler evenings. Besides, it is not surprising to run into snow when venturing to the peaks of the mountains, despite the warm temperature in the villages below. Therefore, it is best to pack several layers of thin clothing with you, like a full-sleeved shirt and a thermal sweater to adapt your clothing to differing conditions.

Also, you will likely be participating in activities such as hiking, or paragliding, which would require you to jump off high hills and mountains. These high altitudes may mean colder temperatures too.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are very beneficial during longer, high-altitude hikes where the terrain may be more difficult. They are of great help when descending and ascending by helping you balance and maintain stability more efficiently while reducing the stress on your knees when going downhill. We highly recommend you invest in good quality, reliable trekking poles to make the most out of your hiking/trekking adventure in the Alps.


With their unique and picturesque beauty, the Alps are arguably at their best during the summer as the snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys below provide a magnificent and contrasting landscape. Mild temperatures during daytime and cool nights provide a pleasant climate for all. Besides, the mountains have an assortment of enthralling activities during the summer to partake in.

Even if you do not plan on indulging in some serious outdoor adventures on your vacation in the Alps, you will be outdoors most of the time doing some walking and sightseeing. That makes it imperative for you to pack the right items to have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trip.

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